Question: How do you transition a baby to a cup?

Weaning: The idea is to slowly swap out bottles in favor of cups. For example, you might fill in a cup for the bottle at just one feeding a day, then add a second cup the following week. No matter how slow (or fast) you want to go, Ayoob says you should take away the mid-day bottles first, then the morning one.

How can I encourage my baby to use a cup?

How to teach baby to drink from an open cup

  1. Step 1: Put a small amount of breast milk, formula, or water* (1-2 oz at most) in a cup. …
  2. Step 2: Sit down, smile at your baby to catch their attention, and then bring the cup to your mouth to take a small sip.

At what age should you introduce a cup?

According to the American Academy of Pediatrics, your little one is likely ready for you to begin introducing sippy cups to him or her between 6 – 9 months old.

Is sippy cup necessary?

“Dentists, pediatricians, speech therapists, and occupational therapists all agree that sippy cups serve more to keep parents’ floors clean than as an actual necessary part of child development,” says Melissa Foster, a pediatric occupational therapist in Arkansas.

How do I get my toddler to drink from a Open cup?

Teaching Open Cup Drinking:

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Move slowly and allow them time to adjust to liquid flowing into the mouth. When teaching cup drinking, hold the cup to their lip and tip the cup up and down for drinking and pauses while maintaining the contact to the lip rather than taking it away.

Is a straw better than a sippy cup?

A straw cup will help to build lip, cheek, and tongue strength and will promote an appropriate resting position of the tongue for future speech development and a proper swallow pattern. A sippy cup on the other hand will encourage a forward tongue resting position, which often results in a frontal lingual lisp.

Why are 360 cups not recommended?

It has the child learn the proper motor function of the tongue. Sucking on a rigid piece of plastic doesn’t allow for this and can actually misshape the oral cavity and result in problems later in life like speech, airway, sleep quality, and facial form and aesthetics.”

How do I get my baby to drink milk from a straw cup?

Put the straw in the cup, with the lid tightly on and put the straw up to your kid’s mouth and squeeze the cup. The water will actually shoot right into their mouth! Do this gently, again, you don’t want them to get too much. Encourage the stroking on the face if they don’t close their mouth and of course, demonstrate!