What do you say to welcome a new baby boy?

How do you welcome a newborn baby?

Things to Say When Welcoming a New Baby

  1. Your family just grew, and your heart just got a little bigger. …
  2. We are so happy for your new addition! …
  3. Your wish came true! …
  4. I am so glad you have been blessed with the gift of a child. …
  5. You are the best parents this baby could have asked for.

What do you write to a newborn baby?

“Welcome to the new bright spot of so many lives!” “Sending you happy and hopeful thoughts for your lives together.” “Babies bring hope and happiness to our whole world. I’m thinking the best thoughts for you all.”

How do you say blessed with a boy?

We are happy to share the news of the arrival of a wonderful baby boy/ girl in our home. God has been extremely kind in fulfilling our wishes, and we invite you to come and bless our little bundle of joy. Our family just got complete! Yay!

How do you announce a baby boy?

Baby Boy Announcement Ideas

  1. Oh boy! Meet (baby name).
  2. It’s a boy!
  3. Our little man has arrived!
  4. There’s a new king of the house! Please welcome (baby name).
  5. Hello, handsome!
  6. Introducing our bouncing baby boy, (baby name).
  7. Our baby came dressed in blue! Please welcome (baby name).
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How do you wish for a second baby boy?

Send double the love and double the good luck wishes.

  1. “Double congratulations on the arrival of your twins.”
  2. “You have been twice blessed with double the fun, love, laughter, and dirty diapers! Enjoy every second.”
  3. “Look at the bright side. …
  4. “Congratulations on the birth of your twins.

Who do you write a baby card to?

General tips

  1. Remember to wish both the baby and the parents well.
  2. If addressing the card to the parents, always address them both (given their both in the baby’s life)
  3. You can address the whole family if you know them very well, or just the baby for a sweet touch.

How do you announce a baby boy on Facebook?

Birth announcement wording for Facebook

  1. Hello world, I have just arrived.
  2. Remember this date, from now on I am here.
  3. Yours truly, new born baby.
  4. We would love for you all to know about the birth of our son/daughter.
  5. Say hello to our cute little boy/girl.
  6. From our light, a star is born.
  7. Love begets love.

How do you post a new born baby on Facebook?

From the sharing tool, click Life Event. Click Family & Relationships. Select Expecting a Baby… Add the details you want to share and click Save.

How do you announce a baby on Facebook?

You can add a baby life event by selecting the announcement from the Life Events drop down in the publisher on your Timeline. Facebook doesn’t discriminate about who can say they’re expecting. Single, in a civil union, or otherwise, you can still say a kid is on the way.

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How do you announce good news?

How to Respond to Good News in English

  1. That’s great!
  2. Well done!
  3. I’m (so/really) glad to hear that!
  4. Wonderful! Thank you for sharing.
  5. I’m/we’re very happy for you.
  6. Congratulations.
  7. That’s very good news.

How do you share baby born news?

If you want to be the only person sharing the news, be sure to tell family and friends not to say anything about the baby on their own social media pages. Let them know you want to share the first photos and the announcement, and then give them a go-ahead when it’s okay for them to add their own photos and posts.